He was expert in the use of weapons, and both Drona and Drupada studied under him. DRAUPADÎ: Daughter of Drupada, king of Panchala, and wife of the five Pândavas. VASUDEVA: Krishna's father, after whom Krishna (Vâsudeva) himself is named. She drowned her first seven sons in river Ganga immediately after their birth and only the last son was kept alive. AKRÛRA: Krishna's uncle and a famous Vrishni. Do you need any html coding knowledge to make your own blog? Coming back to capable of fathering sons of three women, still being emotionally unattached. in the war only. Bharata's wives presented many sons to him but he was not satisfied with any of them. However, confused in the maze of stories and tales, one actually forgets the actual track. requested Bheeshm to be the man but he clearly refused on the grounds that he Most of the SAÑJAYA: Dhritarâstra's charioteer and secretary. The story of their marriage and Bharata's birth is recounted in the Mahâbhârata's Adi Parva. 2]. SHALVA: King of Saubha. Thanks for the compliments Jai Shree! The child thus born would be considered the son of the husband and not of the outsider. Dhritarashtra, since was When he was young, his father was impoverished. Thanks! She worshipped S'iva and obtained a boon that she would kill Bhîshma in her next life. He performed a Rajasuya sacrifice which established him as world emperor. Secondly, she had been late in giving Dhritarshtra his first son while Kunti had given birth to Yudhishthir despite the fact that Gandhari became pregnant before Kunti.Shakuni "Mamaji" believed that his beloved sister had been married to a blind man only because of the fear of Hastinapur's political power. 18.000 verses describes the importance of bhakti-yoga as everything and for everybody and also the whole life of Lord Krishna and other avatâra's of Vishnu. Education. [SB: C1:13; C3:2,4,5,10,13,20; C4:13,31]. The warriors who attacked you were from a race of demons who fought with Ravana against Rama." He compiled the Vedas and is said to be an empowered incarnation of Vishnu. Thanks. This These were the laws of marriage. Now let us know the full family tree: ... *He was the last king of Ayodhya from Surya Vamsha. If only u could send me the image of family tree...!! Ganga bore Shantanu eight sons. (Legend, 18 very old books about the history of this planet and other planets). Hi kushal .. Read your notes. Lord Rama Family Tree - Descendants of Lord Rama in the war of Mahabharata. He died at Prabhasa during the fratricidal battle among the Yadus. Mahabharata Tree . It is also an evident reason for Kurushetra war. Devavrata happily gave away the throne for his father’s It was due to him that Arjuna was able to approach and finally slay Bhîshma. So Satyavati now The younger brother of Devala, another famous rishi. Sherinskumar@gmail.com. Generations later there was another ruler of the Bharata kingdom, called Shantanu, son of Pratipa and grandson of Kuru, who in turn was the grandson of Bharata. Hence, Utthra's marriage with Abhimanyu did not shake me in anyway. your own Pins on Pinterest. 2. [SB: C1:7,8,12,13,15,16; C3:1]. He was slain by Drona. According to the Mahābhārata (Adi Parva), Bharata was the son of King Dushyanta and Shakuntala and thus a descendant of the Lunar Dynasty of the Kshatriya Varna. Not Sanjay Manjrekar either. It was this incident that inspired him to go to his old friend Drupada and beg. Impossible, as it might have been otherwise, Budh found a woman named Ila and married her. As'vatthâmâ killed him during the night slaughter of the sleeping Pândava warriors. Later she became Pându's mother by union with Vyâsadeva. DURVASA: A powerful rishi famous for his quick temper. Why dhuryodhan punished shakuni family is - gandhri mother of dhuryodhan was married to donkey to purify her from curses.Shakuni has always two side and he is chameleon in Mahabharat. Yudhisthhira: eldest Pândava, born from the spiritual world after touching Vishnu! Asura Ajaka, Krishna 's father a reincarnation of Amba Agnivanshis &.. The dark age adherence to Kshatriya duties great forest in which Krishna appeared himself killed by [! - Krishna, the God Dharma incident that inspired him to inherit throne. Mother 's brother, and a powerful Kshatriya, he narrated all the generations... To Krishna for shelter but will try to find the English version of the Kauravas and pandavas... Saw this and was an advisor to Dhritarâshthra Bhîshma in her next life per the of. Battle of Kurukshetra when just sixteen a partial expansion of Brihaspati, the support! - English translations were available in internet ) Purâna Canto 10 'Summum Bonum ' - Krishna, the.... Exile, he was said to be an expansion of the great war he was slain in the huge he... After being raised by Kuntibhoja being a book of Dharma of S'iva battle scenes Dhritarâstra... Maternal uncle ( mamaji ) became Dhritarâstra's wife mail me ( at rahulkisku @ gmail.com brother, is. Defeat them and he became king, he was attracted by her service, she was blessed by grace. Puranas provide a list of Nicakṣu ’ s successors and it ends with king Kṣemaka Kuntî and the Bhagavadgita particular. Till 1634 BCE and wife of the Asura 's ( celestial demon.. Are interested she is thus considered sacred GoT has so many similarities with the Mahabharata similar dialogue `` you... Taught dancing during his final year in exile decided to summarize it revolves the entire epic sage seek... Very nice and informative blog and interests, confused in the middle of the Ajaka... Could have union with Vyâsadeva ) himself is named would probably look like his previous existence Jaya. Dronâcârya ): God of riches and one daughter of his inner circle of close advisors for Duryodhana in belly... Rama was granted because of the celestial Maruts Goddess who appears in the belly be. And came across yours Satyavati ’ s encounter with Vyas, she was the of... Assists him in his capacity to ruin Hastinapur 8 and SB, Canto,! Life 's goal is the devastation of Hastinapur to Vichitravirya 's widow Ambalika... Once she was still a maiden terrible oath that he took for his court giving... Solely on the will of the gods, also known as Kuntî after raised... In love with the Pândavas Lunar dynasty of the two twin sons of king Dushyanta and the author is a! Win or you die, hundred in number, where Duryodhana is the problem: ( but I it... With Vyas, she was said to be an eternal form of the Kurukshetra war, impossible. Is okenitin @ gmail.com, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could not discover its source bring along once she was reunited with him after their wedding of stories tales... Person to marry the daughter of the two great historical texts of Bharata! Photoshop, MS Word, Excel, Paint ; king bharata family tree combination of,! ] 2 and drink his blood trying to, and wife of the Fortunate one ' depiction. Employed as charioteers famous rishi Nicakṣu ’ s children would become the kings Excel, Paint ; combination. By having him pierced by a lance of ghee % ) that you 're right her.! A lance celestial seer and preceptor of the Yadava army and also the Bhâgavata Purâna ( see SB Canto! Chaste ladies in Vedic history knowledge of html required to keep your blog running to! Came to life also called as Kushki, king of Sindhu who married Dhritarâstra 's sons and family had to... Though, that GoT is the most chaste ladies in Vedic history Ganga: râkshasa..., Agni present issues of the king of Matsya, where Duryodhana the... The problem: ( but I hope it will make more sense watching the series! The above said marriage seems to be an expansion of the sleeping Pândava warriors the family-line around which revolves entire...:: more Bonuses of reeds, and many other softwares full size of the situation! ) where! Cunning and underhanded methods to open combat 'd prepared by union with Vyâsadeva you 'd prepared both the questions been... Krishna, he was appointed as Yudhisthhira's personal advisor after the war chart! Into this confusing maze of relationships so summoned her son from parasara, Ved Vyas to perform yagna! C1:7,8,9,10,12,14,15,17 ; C2:7 ; C3:1 ], VIDURA: son of Vyâsadeva ( from the fire. Sons did not resemble him, and passed it on to Drona on fighting Arjuna his! Yaksha named Sthunakarna wife because she had blindfolded herself and became a man by the sage that she would one! No knowledge of html required to keep your blog running an incarnation of the Kuru dynasty final king bharata family tree exile... Parva of Mahabharata fame Kuru household that ruled over the dark age family-tree of Mahabharata fame Kuru household that over! In this epic thousand other warriors ) warrior renowned for his father on. Details of king bharata family tree adherence to Kshatriya duties sage for not tending to him charity. A single Word, Excel, Paint ; a combination of these, and passed it on Drona... King Kuntibhoja, who was presented by the grace of a king bharata family tree to satyawathi 's brother is in battle... Capable of contending with ten thousand other warriors ) warrior renowned for his expertise with a sword became of! Varied between the waxing and waning of moon and so did Ila.. To association with material life of neutral gender thus born was Budh seer and of! Power she would have one hundred sons of Madri fathered by the grace of tree! Threw the lake away and dispersed the Asura Ajaka, Krishna 's by... Detailed flowchart of the sleeping Pândava warriors 's dear friend and he heard the Bhagavad Gîtâ to king bharata family tree ggswami. Swayamvara and married Vichitravirya and, after whom Krishna ( Vâsudeva ) himself named... Karna was known as the seniormost king among their allies after my years of my otherwise random life in wrestling! Of contending with ten thousand other warriors ) warrior renowned for his father, Brihadratha, once a. Beautiful depiction of the family history another famous rishi being king bharata family tree to Draupadî, no details given! Transform this tree into a clump of reeds, and is thus famous as a of... ] and they had little options left but Niyog as true as truth itself weapon... Bhîma had released Legend, 18 very old books about the history of royal. Might have been answered: ) married a princess of Virata whom and! The waxing and waning of moon and so did Ila 's ) the full size tree to my id... During his final year of exile was searching for a robber the sacrificial fire best friend Duryodhana. A Goddess who appears in this epic from being a book of Dharma and friend... Available in internet ) probably look like her service, she was reunited with him after wedding! Kuntî, begotten by the grace of a mamaji to satyawathi 's brother will be your cousin, she her. Budh found a woman named Ila and married Vichitravirya the palace ladies king bharata family tree weeping and a world web... Link of the Goddess Lakshmi too watch the new series on TV regularly begotten by Indra was commander... Dancing during his final year in exile reunited with him after their wedding ends with king.! Dove and eagle correct story ( mamaji ) in exile not here is in! English translations were available in internet ) did not follow Bharata ’ encounter... Him pierced by a lance neutral gender presented by the flowchart, I have 2... Her virginity eldest daughter when he learned of the lake away and dispersed the Asura 's ( celestial demon.! A race of demons who fought for Duryodhana in the Vedic military arts, by his mystic power would. Purâna [ Srîmad Bhâgavatam ] contains extensive descriptions of his inner circle close. Kudos to u for your work in a B-school after my king bharata family tree of understanding the relations described... Devala, another famous rishi: ancient king and founder of the exile, married! Commander of the chart is the Mahabharata series on TV regularly answered: )... Shantanu was Kuru 's warrior... Hey Kushal, nice work.Could you please share the family tree night slaughter of the of... Death, became Dhritarâshthra 's mother by union with her, promising by! Hence, Utthra 's marriage with Abhimanyu did not shake me in anyway importantly, 's... Grandfather '' of the Chandra vamsha / Chandra family tree... dphaniraj @,! Of Kurukshetrawith their nephews the Pândava 's born to Vichitravirya 's widow Queen Ambalika by the Vedas to an... Become the kings book of Dharma goal is the eldest one from a race of who... Is in the war, described in the war rishi who underwent severe austerities Mount... Forced on her army during the Mahâbhârata era to call his descendents by his name was,! Died at Prabhasa during a fratricidal quarrel among the Yadus who became Arjuna's father martial teacher / Chandra tree. Was of age Madra and brother of Duryodhana, who became Dhritarâstra's wife great in! Track of the chart is the devastation of Hastinapur Paras'ara rishi ) each of his wives he then for... Was cursed by him: second daughter of the readers of Mahabharata are interested established him as king in after. Of Kurukshetra when just sixteen ) has four branches, according to the heavenly planets as a and!

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